Big Country Athletic Hall of Fame Scholarship offered by Nancy and Ted Paup

This fund was established by Nancy and Ted Paup in 2011 to award scholarships to students from Abilene High School or Cooper High School and Albany High School since these schools had a significant impact on their lives. “We loved living in Abilene and have great memories of our time there. Abilene was the perfect place to raise our daughters, such a welcoming community and easy to become involved in the community,” said Nancy. “Looking back, it was community involvement that actually first introduced us to the Foundation.” At that time the Nonprofit Resource Center (housed at CFA) was a project of the Junior League of Abilene and Nancy was Chair of that committee for her Junior League placement that year. Through her volunteer work she became acquainted with the Community Foundation of Abilene. Choosing to establish their scholarship at the Community Foundation of Abilene was an easy choice for the Paups. Ted noted, “We knew every aspect would be taken care of prudently, from the criteria to selection process, and that our scholarship would become a permanent part of Abilene.”


  • Graduating senior from Abilene High, Cooper High and Albany High (one recipient from Abilene or Cooper and one recipient from Albany)
  • Be in the top 25 percent of your graduating class
  • Must have participated as an athlete in varsity high school athletics
  • Applicant must have been enrolled in the high school for three years (including senior year).

Big Country Athletic Hall of Fame - Nancy and Ted Paup
Award Amount Varies
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you in the top 25% of your graduating class?
  2. Were you enrolled at your high school for at least three years?
  3. Have you participated in varsity athletics during your high school years?
  4. List sport and the year or years you played at the varsity level.
  5. Please provide an essay that discusses what life skills you have gained by being involved in athletic and what your future goals are. Reflect on what you might have missed if you had not been able to participate in athletics.(300 word limit.)
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