Hazel Nunn Scholarship for HSU Business Major

Mrs. Hazel Nunn, a long-time resident of Nolan County, Texas, through a bequest from her estate established the Hazel Nunn Endowed Scholarship Funds at the Community Foundation. Two scholarships are designated for Hardin Simmons with one being for a business student and one being for a general study student (to be distributed in alternating years). Mrs. Nunn taught business in the Sweetwater School System for many years and continued to promote education through her gifts to the library and other educational services provided to Nolan County residents. Her memory will live through the college educational grants provided by this fund.


  • Graduating senior from a Nolan County High School
  • Planning to attend Hardin-Simmons University
  • Pursuing a career in Business or General Studies

Hazel Nunn Endowed Scholarship for HSU
$4,500.00 Renewable for 4yrs
Supplemental Questions
  1. Do you plan to attend Hardin-Simmons?
  2. Are you pursing a career in Business?
  3. Please provide an essay that discusses the following subjects (250-300 words): Why do you want to go to college and how would this award impact your ability to attend? What do you hope to accomplish with your life? What are your career interests/goals and what has motivated you toward them? Feel free to disclose a major obstacle in your life that you have overcome.
  4. Provide the name and email address of an adult who knows your character and is willing to submit an online reference on your behalf (No relatives).