McClellan "Think On" Memorial Scholarship

The McClellan “Think On” Memorial Scholarship was established by brothers Russell and Stan McClellan to honor the memory of their parents, Billy Lynn McClellan and Joy Goodman McClellan, as well as the many relatives and ancestors who bear the name of the ancient Scottish Gaelic “Clan MacLellan.”
The scholarship derives its name from the Clan MacLellan motto: “Think On.” This motto can sometimes be seen in Latin as “superba frango” or “I break the proud.” According to legend, in the 15th century, King James II of Scotland offered a large reward for the capture of a notorious criminal. Sir William MacLellan hunted down and killed the criminal, and brought the severed head to King James to claim the reward. When the king failed to honor his promise, Sir William responded “Think On!” thus prompting the king to fulfill his promise, restoring substantial lands and honor to Clan MacLellan. As a result, the motto of Clan MacLellan is the challenge to “Think On.”
Descendants of Sir William settled in Coleman County, Texas in the early 1900’s, where the spelling of the name took on several forms, including the modern variant “McClellan.” The McClellan “Think On” Memorial Scholarship was established to honor this family’s history in Central Texas. Much of the extended family history is preserved in three books authored by Billy and Joy McClellan, one of which is entitled The
E. S. McClellan Clan: From 13th Century Scotland to 21st Century America. More information on these books can be found at the ThinkOn website:
Billy McClellan and Joy Goodman grew up in Central Texas around Coleman, Santa Anna, and surrounding towns. They graduated from Howard Payne College and were married for over 62 years until Joy’s passing in 2017. As inheritors of the Clan MacLellan traditions, Billy and Joy taught their sons Russell and Stan to respect authority, to defend honor, and to pursue truth.
The McClellan “Think On” Memorial Scholarship honors the history of Clan MacLellan as well as the memory of modern-era McClellan family members who contributed to the development of Coleman County. This scholarship also encourages Coleman County students to challenge themselves and “Think On” through the pursuit of continuing education, whether vocational or academic.